Outbound sales can often feel like you’re navigating in the dark. You don’t know which companies are interested, or even familiar, with your solution. But if you know which companies in your target market are interested and when — you can reach them with a targeted, optimally-timed message.

There’s a way to do this by using both Clearbit Prospector and Reveal in Salesforce. We call it the Reveal Loop, which enables you to find new contacts from companies that you know are already visiting your website.

That’s what Segment’s growth team did to source leads for a highly targeted campaign that increased outbound email conversion by 200%. After only four months of using this tactic, the Reveal Loop method was supplying almost a quarter of all of their qualified opportunities were sourced.

To get started: within the Clearbit Prospector app in Salesforce, head to Recent Website Visits. Select a time span to see companies browsing your website within the last day, last two days, or the last week. (The no filter option shows all the companies that have visited your website since you integrated Reveal).

You can further filter that list by specifying additional parameters for a more relevant search, to match your ideal customer, for example.

Here’s a look at how we built a prospect list from companies with more than 200 employees, who visited our website within the last day:

Reveal Loop with Reveal and Prospector

From here, you can de-dupe against existing Accounts, directly create Accounts, or start prospecting for Leads and Contacts by following the standard Prospector flow.

Have questions about how to implement the Reveal Loop or need to add Prospector to your plan? Get in touch with your customer success manager.