Use Clearbit Prospector to create targeted campaign lists based on how you slice up sales territories (city, company size, or industry, for example).

Start by searching for companies based on your territory criteria. For geographic territories, for example, search based on location. You can surface Accounts by Country or State, or build a more granular list by using the City or Postal Code filter.

prospect companies by territory

Check the box for Hide existing to dedupe and make sure you’re only reaching out to net-new Accounts. Select your list and click Prospect companies.

From there, specify the kind of prospect you’d like to target: by Role, Seniority level, or Title. Hit Create Records and Export to CSV to get a list of emails for these Accounts. Run your territory campaign by loading the CSV into your marketing automation system.

export prospected contacts to csv

Head here for directions on how to find Prospector in your Salesforce Org and start creating campaign lists.