This guide will show how to create a simple lead scoring system in Salesforce, using five Clearbit attributes:

  • company tag (company vertical)
  • company type (education, government, nonprofit, private, public, or personal)
  • country
  • number of employees
  • company tech.

Create a custom formula field on your Lead object

  • Click Setup
  • In the Quick Find / Search Bar, type in Lead
  • Click Lead > Fields

How to create simple rule based lead scoring 1

  • Under Lead Custom Field & Relationships, click New
  • In Field Label, write Lead Score
  • Select Formula
  • Select Percentage

Define your lead scoring system

In the formula text field, use this formula (which uses vertical, whether its publicly traded, country, company size, and the technology enabled on the company’s website) as a starting point.

(CASE(cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyTags__c, "B2B", 5,0) +
CASE(cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyType__c, "public", 5,0) +
CASE( cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyGeoCountryCode__c , "US", 10, 0) +
CASE( cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyMetricsEmployeesRange__c, "1000+", 7, "251-1000", 8, "51-250", 10, "11-50", 4, "1-10", 2, 0) +
IF(CONTAINS( cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyTech__c , "salesforce"), 10,
IF(CONTAINS( cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyTech__c , "marketo"), 8,
IF(CONTAINS( cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyTech__c , "google_analytics"), 6,0)))) / 40

Don’t forget to modify fields and scores according to your own requirements! And use the Insert Field button to see what fields you have available on your lead object that you can use when scoring your leads.

Finish adding the custom field

  • Click Next, Next, and finally Save


Now the lead score is a calculated percentage that exists on each Lead! Your reps can now use that score for reporting, routing, and intelligence.

While this is a relatively simple and straight forward way to create lead scoring, with Clearbit’s data enrichment ability to populate more specific data fields, you can build far more nuanced and complex lead scoring models.