Knowing your Ideal Customer Profile is vital for aligning your Marketing and Sales efforts. As your business grows, it’s important to analyze closed Opportunities with behavioral and demographic data for quarterly recalibration.

When you review Closed won Opportunities with Clearbit data in Salesforce, enriched data points help highlight core attributes of your best Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. This insight helps your team prioritize future pipeline and adds efficiency to your overall strategy.

understanding your ICP create a positive feedback loop

Use standard Salesforce reporting with Clearbit data to analyze closed won and lost Opportunities over any time period, by any of our company attributes including:

  • Technologies
  • Industry
  • Business Tags
  • Company Size
  • Revenue

Here at Clearbit, after such an analysis, we know that B2B SaaS companies in the U.S. with 250 to 500 employees, using Salesforce and Marketo, are a great fit with a shorter sales cycle than any other cohort. So that’s where we focus most of our Sales and Marketing efforts.

Reach out to if you need help creating a Salesforce report or building a Clearbit Ideal Customer Profile.