Apply insights from past sales to prioritize pipeline and find the best prospects with intelligence. Source like-Accounts so that you can assign Accounts with the highest revenue potential to your Enterprise reps — and guide the whole team to develop the right Accounts to meet their quarterly goals.

First, find Accounts that fit your ideal customer profile. If you haven’t identified your ideal customer profile, create a basic report with Salesforce to discover trending attributes of Leads, Contacts, and Accounts that have generated revenue.

Select recent Closed Won Opportunities, and pull in attributes like: revenue range, employee count, industries, sub-industries, location, tech tags, etc. (If you have Clearbit Enrichment, this data will be standardized, making this a snap.) Sort and review the top won opportunities.

Here’s an example of what sorts of trends you might find:

example ideal prospect profile

Once you’ve got common attributes for past wins, use them in Clearbit Prospector to find look-alike Accounts.

Search for similar companies

Head here for directions on how to find Prospector in your Salesforce Org. And reach out to if you need a hand putting together your ideal customer profile!