Syncing data across Salesforce and your marketing automation platform enables targeted, connected marketing and sales efforts, plus a more consistent customer experience.

Use Clearbit Field Mapping to map any of Clearbit’s data points to a field on a Lead or Contact in Salesforce. Then, have that data automatically copied to your MAP as part of its regular sync.

Field Mapping in Salesforce

Once you have the same data powering both your Salesforce and marketing automation systems, you can set up smarter segmentation and personalization on your marketing campaigns.

For example, sync a person’s inactiveAt field to your marketing automation tool and prevent emails from bouncing because a person has changed jobs.

inactive at job change

Field mapping will work with any marketing automation system you have to sync with Salesforce, such as Hubspot and Pardot. If you use Marketo, you can sync Clearbit data from Salesforce or get the payload in both systems.

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