Once you’re all set up to know what Accounts are visiting your website and when, you can go into more detail. Find out which specific pages they’re visiting and how frequently to better inform your sales approach for a particular Account.

After configuring your website paths, you can see daily information for:

  • how many times an Account has been on your website overall
  • which pages they visited
  • how many times they visited each page

Reveal daily counts

From here you can, for example, build reports to find trends like how a target Account has been interacting with your website over a longer stretch of time or to gain insights about which of the 10 pages are most important to your target market.

Setting up page-tracking is easy. Head over to Reveal in your Clearbit Settings. Enter up to 10 key website paths for Clearbit to track when Accounts are on your site.

setting up Clearbit Reveal page tracking

Have questions about how to implement page-tracking in Reveal? Get in touch with your customer success manager.