It’s impractical to keep tabs on key stakeholders manually, which can add up to churn and lost revenue. Nowhere is that more true than job changes, which happen frequently.

Clearbit updates a field called inactiveAt every day in Salesforce with the time we first believe a Lead or Contact becomes inactive at that position.

  • Surface employment changes with a simple Salesforce report.
  • Prevent email bounces from happening once you know which email addresses are no longer working.
  • Or set up automated notifications to your Sales and Customer Success teams that a deal might be in danger. Alert sales of the prime opportunity when a former buyer leaves — maybe they’ve joined a target Account. Give success a head up when a champion leaves to hold onto an existing customer.

Get started by running your report (and see which stale contacts to clean out) — here’s how to create a job change report in Salesforce.